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Auto - Planen

Cover tarpaulins - Mobiele garages car tarpaulins.
Perfect car tarpaulins made by the Polish company KEGEL-BLAZUSIAK
- ideal for protecting a car from a number of external factors.
They protect a parked car from snow, frost, dust, bird droppings, tree sap
and leaves, as well as from factors damaging the paintwork,
which can lead to fading, such as: UV radiation and acid rain.
An additional advantage of a car tarpaulin is that it
protects the car from minor scratches and the gaze of potential thieves.

The car tarp is a great and cheap solution for people who have no possibility to park
the car in the garage or who are going on a holiday trip.

The combination of high quality and attractive price makes buying a tarpaulin a very good investment.

Our tarpaulins are available in around a dozen sizes to suit different body types:
Saloon, Estate, Hatchback, SUV and Off-road.
They are attached with a secure and strong puller.